I’m a freelance social housing professional. I’ve worked in social housing for 25 years in both England and Wales.

Areas of expertise

My areas of expertise include:

  • Training staff on legislation. See training for some of the courses available.
  • Writing strategy documents, policy and procedures for housing managers.
  • Undertaking section 202 homelessness reviews (s.85 in Wales).

Helping councils prepare for changes to homelessness legislation

In the past few years I've helped create a bespoke ICT workflow enabling homelessness staff effectively manage homelessness cases. I've also helped a Welsh local authority reconfigure their homelessness and allocation functions, to accommodate changes in homelessness legislation and to ensure a more-customer orientated service.

Why create a website?

I wanted to create a website advertising my services. But I thought it would actually be far more useful to have somewhere people can go to access documents.

A lot of housing managers I work with simply don't have time to review and amend their documentation. So most of the documents are for councils and social landlords.

And with big changes coming in homelessness, I thought I'd concentrate initially on homeless applications and housing advice.

Making life easier

I like to think I have a talent for explaining the practical implications of housing legislation.

So I hope this website is useful. And that you find a document that's useful.

Resources for both sides of the fence

I've worked for councils and housing associations. But I've also worked as a paralegal, and represented homeless and badly housed people. I've seen what happens when things go wrong from the customer's point of view - sometimes at close quarters when accompanying a client to a landlord or housing department.

I've attempted to ensure that even though - for the moment at least - most of the documents in the resources section are for councils and social landlords, they also meet customer's needs.

I hope you'll agree that the documents use plain English, and are structured in a way that makes them easier for customers to understand.

Employing me

If you wish to enquire about commissioning my services please contact me for a no obligation discussion.

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