Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully.

1.0         Introduction

1.1         markprichard.co.uk (“the website”) is owned by Mark Prichard. The website promotes the work of Mark Prichard, and provides a platform for the dissemination, sharing and purchasing of documents for housing professionals, advisors, members of the public and other persons. The material contained on the website relates to England and Wales, and is not intended for use in any other jurisdiction.

1.2         By viewing, accessing or using the website you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. In addition, when using the website and accessing any resources contained therein, you are subject to any additional written terms that apply. Please do not use the website if you disagree with the Terms and Conditions.

1.3         These Terms and Conditions do not cover additional services provided by Mark Prichard that are advertised via the website, for example training services or the homelessness review service, which are governed by separate terms and conditions.

2.0         Registration 

2.1         You may register with the website for the following purposes: (1) to receive regular updates on website content, for example new blog posts; (2) to obtain free access to template documents and other content; (3) to obtain membership by paid subscription for the purpose of accessing additional documents and content.

3.0         Terms used in this agreement 

3.1         The following terms are used in this agreement.  

Unregistered users

3.2         Website users ('users') who have not registered with the website by creating an account are known as 'Unregistered users'.

Update subscribers

3.3         Users who have subscribed for the purpose of receiving updates (for example notification of new blog posts or resources) are known as 'Update subscribers'. 

Registered users

3.4         Users who register with the website by creating an account are known as ‘Registered users’.

Approved registered users

3.5         Registered users who are employed by a local authority or housing association and are given permission to access additional documents or content by the website owner are known as 'Approved registered users'. 

Paid subscribers

3.6         Users who subscribe by purchasing credits are known as ‘Paid Subscribers’.

3.7         Users may fall into more than one category.

4.0         Membership and content with restricted access

4.1         We may make documents and content available at our discretion via the Resources section or otherwise either free of charge or by paid subscription. We may change how particular content is available at our sole discretion.

4.2         To obtain access to materials and content intended for use by local housing authorities (“LHAs”) and social landlords a registered user must be employed by an LHA, private registered provider or registered social landlord in England or Wales, and provide a work email address that is currently in use. We may further restrict access to certain documents or classes of documents, at our sole discretion, either for all users or for individual users.

4.3         Subscription fees are as described on the membership sign-up page. We may change our subscription fees for new or renewal membership subscriptions at our discretion and without notice.

4.4         You become a member of markprichard.co.uk by completing the online application form and paying the relevant membership fee for the relevant type of membership. Membership is personal to the individual member and is not transferrable to another person, unless the type of membership purchased explicitly allows for multiple users.

4.5         We may require users to renew their ability to access materials, for example by requiring the resetting of their account password, and may impose such a requirement without giving prior notice.

5.0         Amendment of materials

5.1         We reserve the right to amend the content of the website and downloadable materials, at our discretion. This includes changing the content of materials and the availability of materials, for example by making documents that were previously freely accessible so they are only available by obtaining membership, and vice versa.

5.2         Because the materials available via the website may change at any time it is the user's responsibility to retain a copy of any documents or materials he or she has obtained via the website and wishes to retain. 

6.0         Privacy policy

6.1         We collect and use your personal information when you voluntarily provide it to us. If you choose to register online, we ask you to provide limited personal information, including your name, occupation status, and email address.

6.2         We will use your personal information to administer your access to information that is accessible via the website, and for promoting services.

6.3         We will not disclose any personal information to any third party, unless (1) you have authorised us to do so, (2) we are legally required to do so, or (3) it is necessary to protect our property rights relating to the website.

6.4         You may ask for details of your personal data that we hold, under section 45 of the Data Protection Act 2018. We may charge a subject access fee, not exceeding £10.

6.5         You may decline to receive updates or promotional material at any time.

7.0         Comment policy

7.1         We may at our discretion provide a comment facility on a webpage to enable users to make public comments.

7.2         The website owner may require users to provide a valid email address when posting a comment. Such email addresses will not be published on the website nor shared with any third party.

7.3         In so far as comment facilities are provided we actively encourage public comments that are respectful of others, and constructively contribute to the relevant discussion. When making comments we ask users to follow the rules set out below.

7.4         By making a comment you agree that the comment is your responsibility, that you are the primary publisher, and you agree not to hold the website owner responsible for any repercussions, damage or liability.

7.5         When posting comments you must:

  • use a proper or legitimate sounding name;
  • not impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation.

7.6         You must not post comment that:

  • are unlawful;
  • include offensive, inappropriate or inflammatory language;
  • make personal attacks on third parties;
  • are inappropriate or irrelevant to the contents of the relevant webpage or discussion;
  • include personal information relating to a third party (for example postal address, telephone number or email address);
  • include inappropriate or excessive links.

7.7        Comments must also comply with the comment guidelines. We may amend these guidelines from time to time.

7.8        We may, at our discretion, determine compliance with the above rules. Our decision on compliance is final. We may read comments for the purposes of approval before publication.

7.9         If you make a comment and it does not appear, despite the comment not breaking the above rules, please notify us using the contact form.

7.10         If you consistently and unreasonably break the above rules you may be excluded from accessing the website and have your registration and/or subscription revoked.

7.11       We may remove a comment facility, including previous comments, from a webpage or class of webpages, at our discretion.

8.0         Legal advice

8.1         The website does not provide legal advice or legal services.  The resources section is a self-help service. The resources section includes templates documents, and may include other types of content, for users to adapt and use, according to their individual needs. While the website provides information and may contain guidance, this should never be taken as legal advice.

8.2         You should seek your own independent legal advice when using resources obtained via the website including, for example, advice on whether the contents of a particular document is appropriate for the intended purposes.

9.0         Liability for errors or omissions

9.1         We attempt to ensure the information held on the website is accurate and fit for purpose.

9.2         It is the user's responsibility that the materials provided are up to date, for example that they take account of recent legislative and common law changes. It is suggested that users obtain their own legal advice before using the materials made available.

9.3         However, the website and its contents are offered for the purposes of information only. The owner of this site is not responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the site, and is not responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information.

10.0         Intellectual property

10.1         Subject to 10.3 below and any indication to the contrary on individual documents or content, you acknowledge that the ownership, legal title and all intellectual property rights for all material on the website are vested in Mark Prichard and are protected by copyright, and intellectual property or proprietary rights law.

10.2         You agree that you will not alter, remove or make use of any copyrighted information, including the markprichard.co.uk logo or branded materials, from the website without first obtaining written permission.

10.3         The information, documents and other media on the website are for your own use only. For this purpose ‘own use’ includes use by a user’s employer. You may copy, adapt and amend the documents contained within and accessed via the Resources section for the purposes for which they are reasonably intended.

10.4         You agree that, except as allowed under 10.3, you will not otherwise distribute the information, documents or other media on the website, whether or not for commercial gain.

11.0         Cancellations, refunds, and termination of use

11.1         We may terminate your access to the website at our discretion, without cause or notice, which may result in the forfeiture and destruction of all information associated with your account.

11.2         If you are a member and wish to cancel your membership during the first 30 days of your membership period you may do so by sending an email to mark@markprichard.co.uk, providing your membership details and confirming you wish to cancel your membership, whereupon we will issue a partial refund based on the notional pro-rata cost of the unexpired membership period or payment credit.

12.0     Links to other websites

12.1     The website contains links to other websites that are not owned or controlled by markprichard.co.uk. We are not responsible for the content or practices of third-party websites, less a reasonable amount for administration.

13.0     Review of these Terms and Conditions

13.1     From time to time we may review and change these terms of use. Your continued use of the website constitutes acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. We will announce any changes on this webpage. We therefore advise you to re-read this statement on a regular basis.

14.0     Contact us

14.1     If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions please contact us at mark@markprichard.co.uk.

15.0     Date

15.1     This agreement was modified on 13 July 2018.

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