Homeless Reviews

I carry out reviews of homelessness decisions for local authorities under section 202 of the Housing Act 1996.

Included in the service

Depending on your particular requirements the service can include:

  • Acknowledging the review request and confirming the council’s review procedure
  • Advising if the first instance decision is deficient and where appropriate recommending no further work should be undertaken (eg because it’s immediately identified that the original decision should be overturned, or quashed and taken again)
  • Keeping the homeless applicant informed of progress
  • Making further enquiries
  • Drafting a detailed s.203(3) decision notification letter (s.86(3) in Wales)


I’ve undertaken hundreds of reviews and have been complimented by barristers on the quality of my decisions:

I always thought your [s.202 homeless review] decision letters were excellent, not just from the point of view of getting the law right but also in that they were grammatical and well phrased.

I concentrate on providing a high quality service where all issues are comprehensively addressed, so minimising the likelihood of legal challenge.

The review letter of Mark Prichard is one of the most painstaking, detailed and thorough that I have ever seen... [Mark was] meticulous and fastidious.
A photograph of sections 202 to 204 in the Housing Act 1996


Post-review decision feedback is provided. This can help you by:

  • contributing to in-house expertise
  • identifying training needs among decision-makers
  • identifying procedural changes that are required.

Training also available

I also provide training for reviewing officers and staff who undertake review enquiries.

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