Searching for documents

This page contains guidance about searching for documents in the resources section.

Contact me if you can't find an answer to your question

How do I search for documents?

You can search by:

  • entering a key word (or words) in the free-text search box, or
  • using the drop down 'filters'.

Can I use the free-text search box and the drop down filters at the same time?


What kind of documents are available in the Resources section?

Most of the documents are for local authority homelessness teams for:

  • giving housing advice to customers, and
  • administering homelessness applications

They'll be more documents available in future.

What if I can't find what I'm searching for?

This is probably because either:

  • you need to amend your search OR
  • we don't have the document you're looking for.

Can I suggest additional documents that I'd find useful?

Yes. I welcome suggestions on what kinds of document you'd find useful. You can do this by using the contact page.

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