Ending homelessness duties

Do your staff need a thorough understanding of the various duties councils owe to homeless people?

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This one-day course equips staff with the knowledge they need to be able to recognise:

  • the different duties councils owe homeless persons
  • the circumstances in which each duty is owed
  • what the council must do when it performs each duty, and
  • when the council can legitimately duties.

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for staff who work with people who apply to local authorities for help on the grounds of homelessness (or threatened homelessness). For example:

  • support workers
  • homelessness prevention staff
  • council staff involved in triage and initial assessments
  • homelessness assessment staff
  • advocacy workers and advisors.

What's covered?

  • The legal definition of homelessness and threatened homelessness
  • 'Priority need' status - what is it & why is it important?
  • When is a council obliged to take a homeless application and carry out an assessment?
  • The council's enquiry process - what happens when?
  • Duties that can be owed immediately when a homeless application is made
  • The main housing duty
  • Lesser duties to applicants who are not in priority need, intentionally homeless, or referred to another council because of local connection.
  • The grounds on which decisions can be challenged
  • The review (appeal) process.

If the course is delivered to non-council staff, the following can also be included:

  • Advocating effectively on behalf of homeless applicants, and
  • Accessing independent advice.

Note: the above assumes the course is being delivered in England. A Welsh equivalent is available. Please contact me for details.

Tailoring the training according to your teams' particular needs

The contents of this training can be tailored according to your specific needs. Contact me for a no-obligation discussion.

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