Security of tenure - sustaining tenancies & keeping tenants in their homes

A one or two-day training course for staff working with those at risk of homelessness

An essential skill

It's crucial that staff working with people who are at risk of homelessness understand how they can prevent the loss of accommodation (or prolong a tenancy for long enough to allow a planned move).

This requires an understanding of the law concerning how the relevant tenancy (or licence) can be lawfully ended.

What steps must a landlord take before the occupier must vacate their accommodation?

Getting to grips with the rules

Unfortunately tenancy law is far too complex.

This course covers the technical rules governing how different tenancies and licences can legally be ended, with a particular focus on the private sector. Attendees are equipped with practical tips for preventing the loss of accommodation when the landlord (or licensor) wants possession.

Who should attend

This course is suitable for:

  • Homeless officers and housing options staff.
  • Housing support workers.
  • Anyone who needs a basic understanding of the rules governing the ending of tenancies and licences.

What's covered:

  • The importance of establishing an occupier's legal status.
  • Tenancies and licenses - what's the difference?
  • The main types of tenancy you'll encounter in the private and social sector.
  • The key diagnostic questions you'll need to ask to determine an occupier's legal status.
  • Notice rules, grounds for possession and the courts' powers in respect of each type of tenancy.
  • Referring your customer/client for specialist advice.

This course includes:

  • The key diagnostic questions you'll need to ask to determine an occupier's legal status.
  • Exercises based on common scenarios to ensure attendees understand key principles and can apply what they've learnt in their day to day role.


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